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Neve Adrianne Campbell was born in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, on October 3, 1973.
Her father Gerry is a drama teacher and her mother, Marnie a psychologist originally from Amsterdam in Holland who runs now a yoga studio.
They were both affiliated with the theater world. Her parents divorced while she was still a baby. And her dad got custody of her and her brother Christian. The separation from her mom, who she saw only on weekends, left a permanent emotional mark on Neve. Neve has an 18 month older brother named Christian and two younger half-brothers, Damian and Alex. Her brother Christian is also an actor who starred in "Malibu Shores" and the movie "Trick".

Her first name 'Neve' means snow in Spanish and it was her mother's maiden name. She hates it when people mispronounce her name. She started dancing at age 6 and at age 9 she got a full scholarship and began training at the National Ballet School of Canada. She dance almost anything jazz, flamenco, modern, hiphop and classical ballet.
Various injuries made a professional dancing career very unlikely. She quit at age 15 when the stress and competitivity between the dancers resulted in a nervous breakdown.
She spent two months in the modeling business but she thought it was unsatisfying and shallow she couldn't stand it so she quit. She turned to acting.


She likes the theater because of the response (from the audiance) she gets right away. It was also in a theater that she met Jeff Colt, (her ex-husband), Jeff happened to be bartending at that theater one night and daytime he was a daycare teacher. They moved in together in 1990 and got married on April 3, 1995 in England.
They spent their honeymoon in Paris, Venice and Zurich and settled down to live in her 3-bedroom house in Laurel Canyon/Hollywood Hills/Los Angeles, California. But it wasn't meant to be.

On July 30, 1997 they got seperated and Jeff moved out.
She said about the seperation: "Jeff and I have been together for over six and a half years, we've been through a lot, and we've learned much from each other. However, we have come to realize that both of us have some growing to do, and we need to be on our own for a while. There has always been much more depth to our relationship than the press or public could see. Jeff and I love each other very much, and that's going to continue".
In October 1997 she officially filed for divorce. Neve is still single although she dated some actors-collegues like Matthew Lillard, John Cusack and Matthew Perry but she's not going steady with any of them or anyone else.

On television the most known is her performance as Julia Salinger of "Party of Five".

Neve, her brother Christian, and Matthew Lillard have formed the Blue Sphere Alliance Production Company at The Lex Theater in Hollywood. Neve is a spokeswoman for the Tourette Syndrome Association (her younger brother Damian has the disease).

Now some facts I found through different websites!!!

Neve does not like scary movies! She screams a lot when watching them and gets nightmares afterwards for weeks! But she loves making them!

She believes in ghosts and she claims that her old house in Laurel Canyon was haunted. A woman was murdered in it around 1991.

Neve was picked on in high school and she had a low self esteem because of that.

She uses yoga and meditation to keep her calm and to give her energy.

Her dog is a shi-tzu named Buster.

She loves to sing, dance, swim and go horseback riding, and she also enjoys rollerblading and listening to classical music.

Dancing is still very important to her and she built a dance studio in the basement of her house so it is easier for her to find time to work on it. She also uses it to handle most of her problems or just to escape the busyness of her life.

She was nicknamed 'Fog Horn' by her co-stars on "Party of Five".

She has a very dark sarchastic sense of humor that a lot of people find a bit offensive, and Neve often has to restrain herself in order to avoid offending too much. She also has a lot of humor and laughs easily and often.

She has a hobby of making jewelry for herself.

She drives a '97 Porsche 911 Carrera

She hates to cook, but loves to invite people over to her home for barbecues.

Neve smokes... Marlboro Lights.

Her favorites....

Actress: Susan Sarandon.
Actor: Michael J. Fox.
Movie: An American in Paris.
TV-show: The Wonder Years.
Musical artist: Loreena McKennitt
Meal: Lasagna. (uhuu Italian food, all right!!!!)
Beer: Anything european, especially Heinekens
Breakfast beverage: Coffee, preferably home made, but the brews from Starbucks and the Coffe Bean are also good. She doesn't like decaffeinated stuff!
What she likes in a friend: Sense of humor.
Color: Navy Blue. Blue in general.

More facts!!

Height: 5'5 1/2"
Weight: 123 lbs.
Natural hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown




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