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10/10/01 : This is something new. A website with new episodes of Party of 5, it's starting from where FOX-TV left it off, so from season 7th, up to today which is in season 8th. I will suggest for all the fans of Part of 5 to check it out and read the new episodes. And post your thoughts on the yahoo club "party of five 7th season"! This website post a new episode every week, just like the real Party of 5 on tv! So please, check it out! Here are the links!

The Salingers PO5 Website
Party Of Five 7th Season Yahoo Club

09/2001 - Neve is "looping" her new film Lost Junction in post production.
The movie is about a woman (Neve) who is suspected of murdering her husband. She runs off with his money to New Orleans, where she meets up with a guy (played by Billy Burke) who has his own troubled past. He ends up falling in love with her and decides to help her while making peace with his own situation. - (take it from Neve's Official Fan Club)

Neve was a guest at Jay Leno on 4/19/01, the show was good and short. She talked about her 3 dogs, her love for traveling and the movie Panic, she was also a bit sick, she did say she had a cold and she left early to go back to bed. She is totally changed, she has reddish-blondish hair and look a lot skinnier but she is still cool. This is the first time I see her with her new look. She defenetely had a different expression with light hair, I have to say, but she still looked gorgeous. She is going to a Safari in Africa this August so hopefully she will have fun.

Upcoming Movies

There isn't much going on right now, she is looking for a contract for her upcoming movies. Keep checking for new info. Christmas with J.D., Move and Investigating Sex are the next Neve's movies, hopefully upcoming soon.

Here is the latest news .....

Hairshirt is been renamed "Too Smooth" available on DVD March 6, 2001!

Panic available on DVD April 24!


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